Welcome and thanks for finding my website. My website has been on the internet in one form or another for 15 to 20 years. I don’t remember what my sites original URL was, but it might have been sjnewman.net.

My main goal with this site is for me to exist on the internet. I built my original website using static pages with a menu bar for navigation. I now keep a blog with blog pages and static pages. My blog is a place for me to express my opinions. There’s no underlying theme or purpose to my blog.

This home page is static. It doesn’t change often. It isn’t attractive to most people. The rest of the pages are about me and to some may seem childish. There are some history and some family information, nothing more than an online record of some of the events in my life. Once read there’s not much interest or need to revisit those pages.

In the beginning, my website contained many more pages than what is here now. I had pages about family history, but that information is now available on family history websites, no need to include it here.

I will post more blog messages when I read or hear of topics that are interesting to me. But I tend to lose interest in my website from time to time. Only because it’s so much easier to watch TV. At some point, my website will be open to subscribers, but not now.

Website Writing skills

My blogging skills are negligible at best, but I continue to try to write posts that some find appealing and will welcome them to my site. One rule about blogging is to write about what you know. I started to write posts about my favorite childhood movies, and the more recent television shows that I watch. My interests have changed. The TAG favorite tv shows are for my favorite TV Shows. There are also some Political News posts. When I use information from other websites, I link back to the page that I used, where I found the information. Again, Thanks for finding my website