Writing Posts in MS Word

Writing Posts in MS Word

Trying to use the MS Word template to write blog posts. Word has a better spelling and grammar checker than most browsers. I was hoping to be able to use the dictate function I saw in Outlook.

My Hobby

This website is my hobby and has been occupying my time for the last few weeks. I keep busy organizing and uploading information.

My Hobby My Website

Labor Day

Labor day falls on a Tuesday this year making for a nice four day weekend. Traditionally Labor Day is considered the last major Holiday of the summer. A day set aside for the common working man to have a day Read more…

Trouble in the Cloud

Do the troubles never cease? There were problems with my domain-name-servers again yesterday. The server name changed on both of my domains, I corrected the problem and things look good for now. I eventually called customer service for help, I Read more…


Server Failure

It happened again – internal server error. My site won’t load when I use newman50.com. I think I may have figured out what the problem is. Godaddy keeps changing the server my domain name uses. When it changes my website Read more…

Insomnia Again

One of the disadvantages of sleeping until noon is the inability to sleep the next night. Yesterday I slept until noon, a really good sleep, but now I’m not sleepy and it’s the middle of the night. I’ve already had Read more…


Last night I fell asleep while sitting in my chair in front of the TV. I woke up at about 4:00 AM. Not a good nights sleep. It would have been okay if I just wanted a nap.