San Francisco

I previously wrote a couple of paragraphs about the need to write this post. My San Francisco Vacation.

When I was younger I visited San Francisco two or three times a year. Generally, my visits weren’t planned and were a great deal of fun. Most of the trips were a spur of the moment thing. A group of my friends and I would get together for drinks and snacks, and decide to take a long weekend to go to the city by the bay. In those days having a place to stay wasn’t always pre-planned. As it turned out someone in the group would know someone that lived in the City or close to it, luckily, there was usually a place to sleep.

Southern California

There was a need In the mid-1990s to leave Utah, I think It was about 1996. So I moved to Laguna Beach to see what living in southern California was like. I found that after finding an apartment in the Laguna Niguel area I discovered living in California was too expensive and difficult. I couldn’t find a job that paid me enough to pay the rent (much like the homeless people today). After I used all my savings I found myself in a homeless situation. So I moved back to Utah to live with my brother for a year. 

My vacation

In February 2018 I went to San Francisco for a vacation for four days and three nights. So after 20 years of not leaving my home state, I wanted to see my favorite city, San Francisco, again.

Day 1 Travel

I spent the first day of my vacation traveling. The Saint George shuttle picked me up and took me to the Las Vegas airport then from Las Vegas to San Francisco airport. After arriving at the SFO I took BART to the Powell Street Station. Then from the BART station a few short blocks to my hotel. The PARC 55 hotel is a four-star hotel down the street from the Powell Street cable car turnaround. If you’ve been to San Francisco as a tourist you’ll know the Powell Street turnaround. When you take the Powell / Hyde cable car it takes you across the city to Fisherman’s Wharf. This was an ideal location for my vacation.

Day 2 San Francisco & Muir Woods

Because I had previously planned the second day I took a scheduled tour of San Francisco that used most of the daylight hours. I might mention I booked all my activities and travel from home on my computer. Things fell together remarkably well.

The tour started at Fisherman’s wharf, after meeting at Fisherman’s Wharf we went to the North Beach district. Then from North Beach to Clarion Alley where we could see the street. While at Clarion Alley I took several photos of the murals.

The next stop was at Twin Peaks. There is a beautiful view of San Francisco. From Twin Peaks, we went to the Haight-Ashbury district where we stopped for a rest and shopping break. From the Haight-Ashbury district we went to the rich kids’ neighborhood, Lower Pacific Heights with a great view of the Palace of Fine Arts and the San Francisco Bay.

Sausalito was next with time for lunch and shopping. I ate a hamburger from the Hamburger Shop. One of the highlights of the tour was Muir Woods. We had a couple of hours to take a walking tour of the woods.

Because we had some extra time at the end of the tour, we stopped at the Palace of Fine Arts. for a few minutes to take pictures. After leaving the Palace of Fine Arts we went back to Fisherman’s Wharf ending the tour.

Day 3 San Francisco & Sausalito

On my third day, I started late. I slept well but I didn’t want to get up. Then after having breakfast at Burger King, I took the California Street Cable Car to Huntington Park, across the street from Grace Cathedral. At this point, my recollection gets a little fragmented. The history of Google Maps tells me I went from Huntington Park to the Civic Center. Then at some point, I got on the Gerry street bus to visit lands end and Sutro park. Lands end had changed, it had become commercialized.

After leaving lands end I found my way to the Ferry Building which was on the other side of the city. The ferry ride to Sausalito in Marin County was stimulating. Because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast I ate dinner again at the Hamburger Shop. Excellent hamburgers and french fries. On my way back to San Francisco I got on the Tiburon Ferry to Pier 39 in San Francisco. After arriving at the Ferry Building I found a bus that would take me back to my hotel.

Day 4 Time to go home

Check-out time at my hotel was 9:00 a.m. So I decided to have some breakfast at Burger King.

Because my plane was leaving at 6:30 in the afternoon I was left with about 6 hours to find something to do. I could have visited other places in San Francisco except I didn’t want to drag my luggage around with me. After thinking about it I decided the best thing for me to do would be to go to the airport and wait it out.

The Airport Fiasco

Next, I took the Bart train to the airport. After checking into the airport, I decided I was hungry. Being hungry I decided I needed something to eat. I found a restaurant and ordered some lunch. During lunch, I noticed I had lost my keys. Doing a frantic search of the places I had been in the airport, I was trying to find my keys to no avail.

Because I had my tablet computer with me, I watched a video. Watching the video took maybe 2 1/2 hours. After watching the video I was just killing time.

After watching my video It was time to get on the plane. The plane ride to Las Vegas only took about 50 minutes. After I arrived in Las Vegas I got lost at the airport and couldn’t find my luggage. My luggage was being held in the luggage holding facility. After the shuttle ride from Las Vegas, I got home to Saint George, finally, I was home. My cat was very happy to see me, she had been without company for the four days I was gone.

A very good vacation, I’m glad I went.

A short video of my vacation

Vacation Video