I could easily cheat on today’s prompt and refer to a previous post where I used the word pleasure, but I don’t think I will. Sometimes it’s hard for me to interpret the meaning of pleasure. There are the obvious physical things that bring me pleasure, sleep, food, sex,excitement, friends, my cat. But what are the less obvious things? Being with friends, learning of the things that will make them happy; I don’t know. Helping others understand things that are troubling them. Helping someone in need. Do those things bring pleasure? Or are they a source of self-satisfaction. How can I help others find pleasure in life? Again I don’t know. I know that being with family brings the most pleasure and happiness to me. A pleasure that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. Describing pleasure is troubling to me it does not bring me pleasure.

I did an internet search on the word pleasure to find a picture for my post. I was surprised at the results. Most of the pictures were of things and pictures of people. I found one picture that I think describes pleasure. Tell me what you think.